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Your CV is the ticket to you finding a job

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Find a Job for Me is Fun

How to find a job for me is a question that causes stress, sweat and even tears for most of us. Many students, post their graduation, and several young professionals are under tremendous pressure to find the job of their dreams. Many would say in all probability there is no such thing as the job of your dreams. I am one of those frustrated people even after a year from graduation, am still in the never ending process of trying out various sources to find a job for me. Finally I am beginning to realize that all is not well in the job world. That is when I began to ask friends and family to find a job for me.

Find a job for me is a common request by millions of people who are out of jobs and are desperately trying to get one. I am not alone in my search to find a job for me. When I ask people to find a job for me, I come to know that several others are looking to switch careers and just like me say the same thing, find a job for me.

Find a Job for Me and You

After endlessly requesting others to find a job for me, and getting all types of suggestions which I sometimes found irrelevant, hilarious and funny, I have finally come to the conclusion that my request was not put the right way. Instead of requesting as to find a job for me, I should have said find a job for me that will fit my qualification and skills. Some of my friends understand my predicament and are serious about my request to find a job for me. They advised me to browse the job web sites, keying in my skills and the jobs that I am interested in. Taking their advice, I got into the act to find a job for me and am able to find many jobs that are a great fit to me.  Since then I have come to know that there is a no-one-size fits all solution. While being focused is right, being focused only on one job is not right, it is a great mistake.

In my hunt to find a job for me I realized the importance of references. Since I was a fresh graduate with no work experience I was not able to provide references from former employers. However, that was no problem in my quest to find a job for me. For references, I listed my college teachers whom I had a good relationship with and who understood me and could talk about my ability to effectively work and participate in a team. The references should show likely employers that I was dedicated, disciplined, hard-working and good in teamwork. In my search to find a job for me, I have learned a lot.

My CV is the ticket to find a job for me

In my attempts to find a job for me I had felt powerless on various occasions. It happened when I saw the job I really wanted slip through my fingers. The toughest part in attending interviews to find a job for me is, when candidates with lesser skills and not so impressive track records land the plum jobs. What gives them the edge is the power style they display. Eventually in my struggle to find a job for me I learned prospective employers are impressed by power styles. Power style is as important as spell checking the resume.

In my search to find a job for me, I have come to know the importance of a well done CV. It is the CV that is the ticket to you landing a job. When you sit down to write your CV you get that ‘eeew’ feeling. You have to do up your CV giving all details explicitly. Your CV should have the right content. Focus on getting your skills and strengths across to likely employers and submit evidence to back them up. If you have been in jobs previously, get your managers and colleagues to give you feedbacks on your strengths. This has helped me tremendously in my search to find a job for me. In my search to find a job for me, I understood that my strengths are an extension of my personality and that which comes relatively easy to me. My skills are what I have acquired through the process of learning and training. Skills are gained first through formal education, followed by on the job experience. Get to know what the employer is looking for and focus on weaving in the relevant information in your CV. This I found is perfect in my search to find a job for me.


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