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Do Fake Transcripts Work?: Education Experts’ Answer

“Do fake transcripts work?” This question is what some people ask, especially if they are unable to pursue a college education. They wonder whether counterfeit documents can help them land a job. Although you may know someone who could get a job using a fake official transcript, consider not doing it. Why? It is because there are risks in using phony documents. Not only will you risk your career, but you might also be jailed for years. But if you are curious whether fake transcripts with verification still work, continue reading this article.

What is A College Transcript?

After your high school graduation, most of you are probably looking for a job already. However, Instead of pursuing a college education, some of you stop schooling. There could be several reasons why many students become college dropouts. Among these reasons is financial difficulties. That’s why there are students who consider acquiring phony degrees to land a job they wish to pursue. 

Even those who faked their degrees are employed right now; there are some consequences that might face. ONce their employer finds out that they have used counterfeit documents, they might suffer from different sanctions. They might be fired from work or, worse, get jailed. But what is a college transcript? Why is it important?

A college transcript is an essential document, like a diploma. It holds the students’ records, including all the courses those students took in the university. Besides, their grades are also reflected in the academic transcript. Most employers ask for it before or after the hiring process because it can verify the students’ credentials.

Why Some Students Use Fake Transcript Generator

Education is essential, that’s why many people are doing their best to acquire it. You need to spend time and money to finish your studies. Although it depends on you where you will end your academic journey, getting a Ph.D. is recognized as the highest form of education. But since it takes years to complete, you may consider having a bachelor’s degree first. Many universities across the United States offer different four-year programs that will help you land your dream career.

However, some students are incapable of earning a bachelor’s degree. As mentioned earlier, some of them are experiencing financial struggles. Now that there is a pandemic, more students are expected to face this issue. It is because many parents have lost their jobs due to businesses filing bankruptcy. Besides, even entrepreneurs were not even to thrive in their particular industries because of a lack of capital. As a result, some students are not able to enroll this year.

Amid the pandemic, there are knowledge seekers who want to earn a degree. The problem is, they use the wrong way of acquiring a degree. They are tempted to use a fake transcript generator. There are free apps across the web that you can use to design a phony diploma and a fake official transcript. At the same time, others pay degree makers to provide them with a real degree. Unfortunately, they are fooled by fraudsters who are only after their money. These students thought they had real online degrees, but they received a fake diploma and academic transcript at the end of the day. 

Do Fake Transcripts Work?

As a high school graduate, you might apply for a particular job. But aside from attending a series of interviews, you need to submit requirements such as diplomas and transcripts. It also happens when you are applying for a higher position that requires a bachelor’s certificate. Those who have not received their certification yet use fake transcripts to complete their requirements. Other individuals who were unable to obtain a college degree also use a fake transcript generator. The question is, “Do fake transcripts work?” 

Some applicants are lucky since a few employers do not do background checks because of their full responsibilities. But it is still better not to forge documents and submit a fake official transcript to your employer. It is because most recruiters always do background checks even if they already hired you. You will inevitably face legal sanctions once they find out that you have tried to fool them with counterfeit documents.

Employers Verify Transcripts

Recruiters use different methods to verify whether your degree is real. There could be faster ways to check transcripts, especially if there are hundreds of applicants. If you are wondering how employers verify transcripts, here are some methods

1. Checking the certificate’s design

Even if you have acquired a flawless transcript from a fake transcript generator, there are ways to spot whether it is fake. Among these methods is looking at the type of paper, font style, language, and the university seal used in the diploma. For the academic transcript, you may consider the subjects and the grades reflected on the document. 

Some fraudsters believe that many universities use the ornate, Gothic typeface since it is the traditional font used in past diplomas. Little do they know that other academic institutions have adapted different designs to make their certificates more unique. Who knows, there could be employers who have saved a photocopy of real diplomas and transcripts from past employees. Therefore, it is easy to compare those applicants who have submitted their documents for the application process. 

2. Verify the university address

If you have acquired a degree on a physical campus, its address will also be reflected in the diploma or transcript. Even if you are pursuing online degrees, there will also be an address in the document. Suppose the employers are having a hard time verifying the certificate design, they can still check the address. Thus, they will know whether it is existing or not. There are several ways on how you can test an address, such as using Google Maps. Know that if the employers doubt the university’s legitimacy, they can put the postcode of the university in the Street View. 

Affordable Online Degrees

Others think that online education has been more popular because of the pandemic. But online schooling had already increased its popularity before the crisis happened. It is because this educational system has been an ideal alternative for those who are working. Besides, obtaining online degrees is more flexible and convenient. The best thing about acquiring a degree online is affordability. You don’t have to pay for tuition fees yearly since buying a diploma and certificate is a one-time payment. 

In addition to online education’s benefits, you can also access free books and course materials. But you have to be careful if you are considering it since some websites will only provide you with a fake official transcript. Try choosing a reliable degree maker partnered with a real university to finish a degree and receive legal documents.

“Do fake transcripts work?” It is the question that some students usually ask themselves. The answer is it depends on how strict the employer is. But make sure not to be tempted forging documents even if you know some people who were hired by using phony degrees. You’ll never know what will happen to your career. Instead of risking your reputation and what you have, try opting for real online degrees. Besides, some universities offer cheaper degrees compared to other sites. Just make sure to get them from legitimate websites.

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