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Importance of career counseling


Career counseling : Its Importance

In this day and age career counseling has gained immense popularity to both the student community and the professionals. Career counseling is defined as a process where guidance is given to enable people to choose the right career. Career counseling is done by experts who are trained and have acquired skills to assess the intelligence, personality and interest of individuals. Career counselors are professions qualified in areas such as Psychology and Counseling. Their strong academic training provides them the knowledge to understand how different personalities work in a particular setting. Based on their assessments, career counselors counsel individuals on the careers in which they will succeed. Along with career counseling, the counselor should help clients assess job offers. The jobs that give opportunities to learn new skills, provide employees with the chance to rise to great authority, increase monetary benefits, provide responsibilities and prestige are considered good offers.

Career counseling is important in college.

This is the time when crucial decisions are made in choosing a career. Career counseling aids many students and guides them to choose the right career path. Career counseling will help people gain insight of their capabilities, get knowledgeable about career options and thereby guide them to choose a career that matches their interest and personality.

In the course of their study students go for career counseling and select courses based on their interests, personality and intelligence and prepare themselves for appropriate careers.  With so many career options to choose from, students and professionals face considerable confusion in choosing a particular course that could lead them to a successful career. A lot of time, effort and money are spent to prepare a strong foundation for a successful career. Therefore take a decision to go for career counseling to understand yourself and get guidance to choose the right career. Choosing a career that does not match one’s intelligence or interest will end up with poor performance and no job satisfaction. Then all the years of study and preparation would be wasted. Once you understand what you can do, you can plan your career growth and take decisions to a fulfilling career

In this age career counseling is an integral part of education. Career counseling includes career education, career development, learning strategies, career planning, career placement and more. Continuous career education and career training is no longer considered as a plus point.

Career counseling is relevant.

It gives relevant guidance to select a career suitable to one’s personality and interest. Since the demands of the modern day are very complex, people who are serious about their careers go for counseling not only when they are training for a career, but also at each step of the way in their careers. Career counseling is considered as a life-long process. The main approaches to counseling are self-analysis, occupation analysis and true reasoning related to occupational and personal information. Along with these main approaches, the other career counseling approaches are developmental, differential, learning, cognitive, social and economical models.

The next step is how to get career counseling, apart from the counseling one receives in school. One can get it by physically meeting a counselor and having a face-to-face discussion. Other approaches to career counseling can be through the telephone, text, letters and emails. But the best and most effective method of career counseling is the face-to-face interview between the client and the counselor. Physical interviews give counselors a better chance to observe and review the reactions of their clients during counseling sessions. This method of career counseling is theoretical and pragmatic,

In your search for a career counselor you should check to know if the counselor is a National Certified Career Counselor. To get this certification the person should have a degree in counseling or in a related professional field from an accredited institution. The career counselor should have completed supervised counseling experience, including career counseling, at least three years of full-time work experience in career development and successfully completed a certification examination based on counseling knowledge.

The ultimate aim of career counseling is to get the right career and with the right career comes job satisfaction, peace of mind and happiness.


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