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About Regionally Accredited Life Experience Degree

Learning is never limited to getting proper education from a university. Most of the time, life offers more applicable and sensible lessons than those you can get within a classroom. No matter how practical this knowledge is, it is usually unnoticed and unappreciated. Sometimes, it even serves no purpose at all, especially for starting a career wherein the basic requirement is to have a degree. But, what people do not know is that you can get a valid academic recognition by using your life-gained expertise! How? By getting a regionally accredited life experience degree.

Nowadays, the value of degrees is becoming futile. A Harvard University professor even predicted that colleges would soon go out of business in the next few decades. Also, there are many successful individuals around the world who dropped out of college. Tech giants like Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Mike Dell, and Mark Zuckerberg are only some of the most notable successful college dropouts who made it to Forbes’ list of 400 richest Americans. 

Since college degrees are technically not the only way to become a billionaire, many people are bartering college education with life experience after high school. They skip getting a diploma and begin working on their careers from scratch. However, such is a tiresome process that will take you years before you can earn your success. 

Besides, those billionaires mentioned above? They are just college dropouts, meaning they were pursuing a degree at some point in their lives. And unless you have a novel invention or a groundbreaking business idea, getting a degree is still the surest way to succeed. Thankfully, you can quickly get a diploma by getting a regionally accredited life experience degree.

About regionally accredited life experience degree

Not everyone is familiar with what a regionally accredited life experience degree is. It is not the most common academic recognition in the educational system. But, it is the easiest and most convenient degree to get. Why? Because you do not have to go through the traditional process of brick-and-mortar education to get a diploma. Instead, you use your life experiences to earn academic credits for your degree.

To put it simply, a regionally accredited life experience degree is an academic recognition that gives value to the expertise you gained outside conventional learning settings. It is most helpful for those who began their venture in the corporate world only with a high school diploma. Most of these people will eventually need to elevate their working conditions, but cannot do so without a college degree. Hence, they apply for a life experience degree in exchange for their expertise.

That said, if you have proven expertise in an industry with enough knowledge, skills, and talent, you can get a regionally accredited life experience degree instead of going back to school. It is faster, more convenient, and even less inexpensive.

Where to get a regionally accredited life experience degree

Since regionally accredited life experience degrees are not that common, finding a university that offers such academic recognition can be challenging. But do not lose hope. There are various schools that offer a diploma in exchange for your life accomplishments. Here are some of them:

  1. Colorado State University
  2. West Governors University
  3. Thomas Edison State College
  4. Linfield College
  5. DeSales University
  6. Excelsior College
  7. Strayer University

These universities offer competency-based curriculums for their degree programs. Meaning, to get a life experience degree, you must pass your portfolio and still attend some kind of formal education. Sadly, these courses sometimes run through a couple of months or years. Thus, it is not a practical solution, especially if you do not have time and money to spend on schooling.

On that note, can you get a regionally accredited life experience degree without any form of education at all? Yes, you can! Many websites offer online life experience degrees from regionally accredited universities. These are third-party degree sellers whose main services include providing accessible and affordable academic recognition.

Regionally accredited life experience degree requirements

Traditionally, getting a degree demands enrolling in a university and completing coursework. The most common academic recognition to get is a Bachelor’s degree, and it is also the most basic requirement for job acquisition. But, earning this degree can take up to four years. If you are already a working professional who wants to earn a diploma, studying for another four years will be an inconvenience for you. On the other hand, you can opt to get an online regionally accredited life experience degree.

Applying for an online life experience degree from a regionally accredited university is relatively easy. This is especially true if you already have established expertise with enough documents to support it. That said, what exactly do you need in order to qualify for a regionally accredited life experience degree?

Here the general requirements for such academic recognition:


The very first thing you need is to have a portfolio. This file should include your collation of relevant employment certificates, recognitions for relevant community or voluntary work, and sample works if any.


You also need to provide letters of recommendation or testimonials from previous employers or clients you have worked with. These will serve as an added reference to help the granting university assess the credibility of your expertise.

Skill test

Lastly, you must pass as a skills assessment exam to verify that you are indeed an expert in the field you are claiming to have skills on.

Meanwhile, you can make the process easier if you buy a regionally accredited life experience degree from third-party websites. These degree sellers only need your portfolio before they can grant you a legal life experience degree. Plus, conventionally, earning one from a school may take months before you can receive your diploma. With the assistance of degree sellers, you will receive your online life experience degree in a week or two.

Buy a regionally accredited life experience degree online

Buying a regionally accredited life experience degree online is undoubtedly easy and convenient. However, like any online purchase, it is a risky barter. Most of the degree sellers in the virtual market are fake. Meaning, it can be overwhelming and challenging to find an authentic seller of academic recognition. But fear not! You can avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent websites by knowing how to distinguish real degree sellers.

Here are a few guidelines when it comes to buying an online life experience degree:

Partner universities

Look for a degree seller that lets you buy a regionally accredited life degree from real schools and not phony universities. An authentic website selling diplomas should have a list of partner schools that are recognized or accredited. If not, your degree purchase will not be valid or will have less credibility.

Price points

Do not fall for superficial claims such as extremely cheap online life experience degrees. A real degree purchase online should have reasonable price points, which should not be too low or above what one would pay for an actual tuition fee.

Supporting documents

A degree’s credibility relies on supporting documents. Hence, if you buy an online life experience degree, make sure that your degree seller can also offer you the necessary documents like transcripts of record, student identification cards, and graduation letter. All of which are requirements to strengthen the validity of your diploma.

Due processes

To ensure that your online life experience degree will safely and positively appear on background checks, your degree seller should have a verification and legalization process. This guarantees that lawyers, school officials, and the right government bodies have assessed and certified your academic recognition.

Customer evaluation

The degree seller should also have an evaluation process. This makes sure that your online life experience degree will be suitable for your expertise. Remember, a mismatched academic recognition and set of skills are doubtful. Hence, people might think your degree is fake.

Whether you are buying an online life experience degree or earning it traditionally, there is one thing you need to make sure: get it from a regionally accredited university. Many people already doubt the validity of online life experience degrees. On that note, if you do not purchase a regionally accredited life experience degree, you cannot use your diploma. This is because companies, organizations, and schools rarely accept unaccredited academic recognition, even the most common undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Hence, if you want to enjoy the benefits of being a degree holder and earn an easy way to success, it would be best to buy a regionally accredited life experience degree online. By doing so, you can have better working conditions, earn more with better salary grades, and have strengthened job security. Plus, you can focus more on building your career instead of wasting years in school. Thus, fast-tracking your prosperous future.

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