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How To Get An Honorary Doctorate Degree

People think that enrolling in a university is the only way to get a college degree. Unbeknownst to them, there are other kinds of academic recognition you can get without attending school. One of them is an honorary doctorate degree. However, not everyone knows how to get such a certificate. Although unfamiliar, the process is quite easy and attainable. Hence, if you want to learn more about honorary doctorate degrees, what it is for, and how you can earn one, continue reading below.

What is an honorary doctorate degree?

People earn different kinds of accomplishments in their lifetimes. These can vary from big achievements to small triumphs. All of which can affect another person’s life or a community’s wellbeing. And aside from the certificates and awards directly related to these victories, one could also use these to get academic recognition, which is an honorary doctorate degree.

An honorary doctorate degree is a certificate granted by a university to someone who has noble and groundbreaking contributions to their community or nation. It is essentially a recognition for one’s accomplishments outside the academic community. Usually, it is awarded to notable people of influence such as presidents, politicians, inventors, scientists, artists, and successful people in business.

However, an honorary doctorate degree does not hold any educational value. Not to mention, it does not have the same hierarchy as a traditional Ph.D. or doctorate. That is why many people doubt the degree’s validity. Despite this, universities and other academic institutions continue to grant these certificates. Besides, more people are earning honorary doctorate degrees as it is one of the easiest degrees to obtain.

How to get an honorary doctorate degree?

Honorary doctorate degrees are not that common. Besides, this might be the first time you are hearing about it. Thus, you might be wondering how to get an honorary doctorate degree and what you need to get one. Thankfully, earning this certificate is relatively easy.

A traditional doctorate takes too much time and mental investment to pursue. It will even take you up to a decade to earn one. Before you can enroll in graduate school, you must first earn an undergraduate degree. Sometimes, you also need a Master’s degree. And when you finally enter the program, the journey will not be easy. Most doctorate students do not finish their degrees because the coursework and dissertation process is just too much. Even if they finish their programs, most of them are unable to complete passing their academic journals. Hence, not having a full-fledged Ph.D. degree.

On the other hand, obtaining an honorary doctorate degree does not involve any schooling. You do not have to enroll in university, attend classes, do coursework, and produce a dissertation. Instead, you only need a couple of documents that will prove your notable accomplishments that are of great value to your community or the world.

Generally, universities granting honorary doctorate degrees require the following:


Those who earn honorary doctorate degrees are known for their contributions to society. Not only that, but these people are professionals with trailblazing records in their industry. But, all claims to such expertise is futile if it is not backed by any material.

On that note, the first thing you need to know on how to get an honorary doctorate degree is to have a portfolio. What is a portfolio? It is a collection of documents that proves one’s experience and know-how in their career. It contains information like your educational background, previous certificates of employment, awards, and certificates.

Essentially, a university granting an honorary Ph.D. will use your portfolio to know the validity of your accomplishments. Without it, they cannot assess whether you are eligible for an honorary doctorate degree. Hence, if you wish to obtain such academic recognition, you must start building your portfolio as soon as possible.


Your portfolio can only prove your expertise on a personal level because you are the one who collated the materials within. But when it comes to obtaining an honorary doctorate degree, a third-person point of view is necessary. Why? Remember, those who have honorary doctorate degrees gain such recognition because of their influence. Hence, a degree cannot be granted without people attesting to how the awardee has affected the community.

Thus, when getting an honorary doctorate degree, you must also submit letters of recommendation from your previous employers, clients, or whoever relevant enough to certify about your accomplishments. By doing so, you increase the chances of the university to grant you your degree.


People do not typically apply for honorary doctorate degrees. Usually, universities are the ones who scout the awardees of this certificate. And unless you are a very notable or famous individual, it is unlikely for schools to notice you. Yet, it does not indicate that it is impossible for you to have a chance to earn an honorary doctorate.

If you are wondering how to get an honorary doctorate degree as an average individual, the answer relies on your network of people. These individuals can nominate you for the award wherein the more people who recommend you to the granting university, the more chances for you to get accepted.

Thus, if you are wishing to obtain an honorary doctorate degree in the future, you better start investing in the people around you. Take care of your relationships while building your accomplishments. Later on, these people will help you get easy academic recognition without going to school.

As you can see, honorary doctorate degrees still require effort to obtain. True enough, you do not have to go through the tedious process of conventional schooling. Yes, you do not have to attend classes or take any kind of examination. However, you need to build up your accomplishments and make it worthwhile enough to be noticed, which is not easy if you are establishing your career from scratch. That being said, honorary doctorate degrees should not be belittled despite having little academic value.

Benefits of an honorary doctorate degree

Honorary doctorate degrees gain a lot of criticisms and major discourse regarding credibility and value. For some, academic recognition earned without educational mediation is worthless. However, if honorary doctorate degrees serve no value, why do universities continue to grant them? And why is it the only the greatest of the greats are the only ones receiving it? There might be some kind of advantage in having an honorary doctorate degree!

Despite having no academic relevance and not having the same value as a traditional Ph.D., honorary doctorate degrees are useful credential boosters. This is especially true for those who are seeking to better their working conditions. Specifically, below are some of the benefits of an honorary doctorate degree:


Having a degree exemplifies the worth of one’s expertise, what more if your certificate is an honorary doctorate degree? As mentioned, this recognition is only for those who have exceptional expertise in their industries. Even without educational value, honorary doctorate degrees are still elite acknowledgments. Meaning, when you have this certificate, you are amongst the most worthy members of the workforce. Hence, you can demand better salary grades.

Job security

By having an honorary Ph.D., you become a more in-demand individual. Companies usually let go of employees who they think do not serve a greater purpose for the business. Or, perhaps, these people are lagging on their credentials. That said, since you hold a prime degree, you do not have to worry about losing your job in the future or a possible demotion. Why? Because you technically have a solid foundation for job security when you have an honorary doctorate degree.

Career growth

Honorary doctorate degrees are also useful tools in reaching your career goals. You can use this as a credential booster that will help you increase your chances of getting a promotion. This is because having a degree of such means that you are more suitable for better job positions and heavier responsibilities in the company.

Aside from employment and career benefits, honorary doctorate degrees are also beneficial when it comes to improving your professional credibility. With this certificate, you gain a notable reputation. And the more you get recognized, the more people will avail and trust your expertise and services. Thus, increasing the probability of your success.

Therefore, if you are looking for an easy college degree to earn, you might want to consider getting an honorary doctorate degree. Now that you know how to get an honorary doctorate degree, your journey towards getting this recognition is more comfortable. 

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