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Find a Summer job for job hunting teens

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Summer is the time when teens sign up for summer jobs so as to have some extra cash in hand to take care of some of their expenses. They don’t have to always ask their parents for money. Generally people go on vacations during the summer holidays. Summer holidays are long and the entire period can’t be spent on trips to holiday destinations. Teens get bored and many of them prefer to find a summer job to keep busy during the holidays. Some others find a summer job as a monetary benefit to help meet part of their college or school expenses. And some others find a summer job to get work experience. Even if summer vacation is a couple of months away, teens are interested in landing a cool job for the holidays and begin to browse the internet or register themselves as helps in summer camps to find a summer job.

The first step to find a summer job is to know what you want to do. You should think about what type of job you want to do, the hours that you are willing to work, the location and what you expect as pay. Do a complete self-analysis to see what you can offer an employer. In your desire to find a summer job, think about what you have learned at school.  Have you done any kind of volunteer work that could be helpful to you to find a summer job.  If you are looking for an ideal summer job, use available resources. Parents, family members, friends, your teachers or anyone else you know, talk to them and ask them if they know of job openings for the summer. This could make your search to find a summer job a lot easier.


There are many places where it is possible to find a summer job. Local stores are always on the lookout for help not just in the summer but the whole year through. Teens in the age group of 15 to 18 years can find a summer job at super markets and malls. Older teens in colleges could find a summer job that is related to the course they are pursuing in college. Dental students can find a summer job at their local dental clinic while a student of pharmaceutical sciences can opt to find a summer job at a pharmacy store. Small businesses often hire extra hands, ask your friends and family members if they know owners of small businesses and if they can help you to find a summer job in any of these offices. Summer is the time when several employees avail holidays to go on a vacation with their kids. Sometimes these offices are short staffed and they are ready to take on people who are trying to find a summer job. If you have typing or computer skills, corporate offices are ideal to find a summer job. The hotels and resorts do great business in the summer. It is a busy season for them and they always hire help temporarily. These are just the ideal places to find a summer job. In case you find a summer job in one such place which is out of town, you stand to benefit not only with your pay packet but you may also get other benefits like free lodging and meals. Other likely places you can find a summer job are tourist centers, golf and tennis clubs, parks and recreation centers, fast food and restaurants.

In your search to find a summer job your local super market may not require you to attend an interview, while other employers may require you to submit a resume and attend an interview. In the event you have to attend an interview in your search to find a summer job, get prepared to answer simple interview questions and get to know something about the employer. Practice a mock interview with your parents or a friend. Dress conservatively when you attend an interview. This is a great step to help you find a summer job that is both ideal and cool.

Here is a piece of advice to job hunting teens. No matter how cool a job may look, you will have to work and sometimes work real hard. When you do find a summer job be prepared to work hard, some days you may be required to put in more effort. The aim to find a summer job is not to just earn money, but also to gain working experience and make good contacts which you can later use as references.

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