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Do Companies Ask for Transcripts?

Most people finish their studies because they want to get a stable job. Therefore, most parents work hard to earn a living to send their children to universities. But as parents, they would love to afford high-quality education from top-notch academic institutions. However, getting a degree in college requires time and money. Some students cannot pursue their dream courses due to their family’s lack of financial capacity. As a result, some of them are tempted to fake their diplomas and transcripts. They do this with the help of phony degree makers. The question is, “Do companies ask for transcripts?”

Why Do Employers Want Transcripts?

Some people are not aware of why an academic transcript is essential. Others think that it is just a piece of paper that you can keep anywhere. Contrary to what they are thinking, it is a valuable document that reflects the students’ grades and the courses they have taken. Besides, a transcript can keep all of your achievements in college. 

Why do employers want transcripts? One reason is they need to assess your academic accomplishments and valuable skills. Meaning, if you have achievements in school, all of these will be verified by the employer. That’s why if you have already acquired your academic transcript, make sure to value it by keeping the document in a safe place. Like a passport, you need it to get into your dream career. 

Suppose you are still studying, make sure to study well. Thus, you will have a good record after graduation. For sure, you don’t want your parents to see your grades for all the semesters unless they are excellent grades. Also, most companies require this document to verify their applicants. Later on in this article, you will find out why employers check transcripts.

Forging Transcripts vs Getting Real Transcripts

As mentioned, some students cannot afford high-quality education because of expensive tuition fees. That’s why fake degree makers grab this opportunity and offer services like forging transcripts. The intention might be good because these degree makers help students qualify for the jobs they are applying for. However, there are several consequences that students might face when they are caught using phony documents. 

Indeed, everyone has a dream job; that’s why you go to college to accomplish your goals. Luckily, some people can get a degree without worrying about educational expenses. In other cases, some individuals can afford to go back to college but don’t have time for it. Whereas some working students receive a salary that is enough for their everyday essentials. No matter what situation you are in, know that there is always a way for you to attain your dreams. 

Can you get a degree even if you are busy with your career or financially incapable? Is there a way to acquire real academic transcripts? The answer is through online education. 

Compared to conventional schooling, acquiring an online degree is much more affordable. It is because you don’t have to spend money on fares, books, and other academic expenses. Besides, you will not be tempted to eat in fancy restaurants since you are earning a degree in your home’s comfort. In that way, you can save money which you can spend on other necessities. For busy working adults, you can balance your career with studies through obtaining online degrees.

Why Consider Online Degrees?

Do companies ask for transcripts? Yes, they usually do. So instead of forging transcripts, you can acquire one by earning a degree as fast as possible. Instead of studying conventionally, you may consider online degrees. Not only you can receive your diploma and transcript at the comfort of your home, but you can also gain enjoy these benefits

1. Accessibility

With online education, you don’t have to commute from one place to another. Not only do you save time, but you also save money. Besides, you can study anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. If you want to study abroad and want to get a job, online education is an excellent choice

2. Customized learning experience

Online education offers flexibility for each student’s requirements. For instance, online classes are usually smaller than conventional class sizes. There are also circumstances when online learning platforms only allow one student at a time, providing more significant interaction between students and teachers.

3. Flexibility

Online education offers students their own learning pace, providing them with flexibility in terms of schedules. That’s why many individuals consider online degrees because they can enjoy an online educational platform that allows for a better balance of work and studies. 

4. Wide-variety of programs

With online degrees, you can study at any university as a sling as it is a degree maker’s partner. Therefore, you can study any course you like and choose a program based on your interest and skill set. Whatever you want, you can pursue your passion and become an expert in your field. Besides, a growing number of universities and higher education schools are considering online versions of their programs. 

Do Companies Ask for Transcripts?

Most companies require job applicants to submit a diploma or a transcript or both. It is because these documents are one way to validate the skills of job applicants. Besides, this document helps employers assess where you are good at. That’s why it is crucial to have these documents on hand whenever you are applying for a particular job position. In the case that you acquired a degree online, be it a bachelor’s, master’s or even doctorate, make sure to get a real academic transcript.

How Do Employers Check Transcripts?

Every company looks at your college transcript. Verifying hundreds of transcripts is indeed a daunting task, and most employers still manage to do their job. If you are wondering, “Do employers check transcripts? If they do, how?” Here are some ways how they verify the document:

  • Employers will send the transcript back to your university for validation.
  • They will not accept transcripts through emails. Instead, they will ask you to submit the document in a sealed envelope.
  • The employers will call the university staff to ask for your school residency.
  • They will request you to grant them access to your school records via an online system. 

There are several ways on how employers can determine whether your transcripts are real or not. Even though it still depends on the company whether they will conduct a verification process, you would surely want to have a good reputation. Besides, some institutions are sensitive when it comes to submitting valid documents. Those individuals who counterfeit documents may be given punishments. In a worst-case scenario, these people might be sent to jail.

Do companies ask for transcripts? In most cases, yes. Whether they do it or not, it is vital to maintain a good reputation; that’s why to avoid forging transcripts. In other words, do your best to finish a degree and get real documents. Keep in mind that it is you who will benefit from it. If you want a high-paying job and pursue what you want, it is in your hands to attain them. If you are thinking of forging documents, then remember that you will also be accountable for that action. It is in your decision whether to get real degrees or fake ones.

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